The 129th Legislature's first session was a whirlwind of action. MCCE was committed to our most ambitious agenda yet, and with your support, here's how it shook out:

Passed and signed by the Governor

  • LD 1026: Introduce process audits and ballot audits in Maine elections to reduce the risk of incorrect outcomes, improve voter confidence, and providing data to support improvements in election administration.
  • LD 1463: Unless voters opt out, automatically register people to vote when they receive/renew their drivers' licenses at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and/or when they apply for or renew their eligibility for MaineCare.
  • LD 1626: Restore the use of primary elections in the presidential nomination process, replacing the current system of municipal caucuses. 
  • Bill Number TBD: Ensure that budgetary appropriations are sufficient for full implementation of the Maine Clean Elections Act.

Passed and waiting on Governor Mills' Signature:

  • LD 54: Prohibit lobbyists from contributing to candidates' political campaigns year-round.

Carried over to the next legislative session:

  • LD 619: Give municipalities the option to implement early voting for up to 30 days before an election, reducing voter wait times and burdens on town clerks.
  • LD 1477: Expand the implementation of ranked-choice voting to the general elections for governor and the legislature.

Voted down:

  • LD 816: This bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states. It will take effect when enacted by states possessing a majority of the electoral votes.

For more information or to lend your support, please get in touch.

A Guide to Civic Engagement in Maine

Getting Involved

Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE) is a community made up of volunteers who fight to make sure our government works for the people, not just moneyed interests.

You can support our activities by joining our Rapid Response Team, which takes action on pressing issues facing the people of Maine. MCCE makes taking action easy, providing you with the information you need to write letters to the editor and contact your lawmakers.

The Rapid Response Team tackles a wide range of issues, including lobbying for continued support of the Clean Elections Fund; campaign finance reform; ranked choice voting adoption and expansion.

Rapid Response Team Tactics

Stay Informed

People have lives outside of politics, and it is sometimes hard to remain up-to-date and educated on all the issues. A few good news sources are the Bangor Daily News and Mainepublic.org. You can always email MCCE or browse our website to learn more about specific topics of interest, too.

MCCE's Testimony Archive will give you some helpful information on our organization's stance related to proposals related to the Maine Clean Elections Act and other campaign finance law. 

Lawmaking Resources

There are a number of resources that allow you to get to the heart of government: laws and the legislative process. Thankfully, there is readily available information both on Maine's laws and legal resources and on how Maine state legislators work and how the legislative process progresses. More generally, there is plenty of information to be found online about the Maine State Legislature and Legislative Session.

You can look up information on bills and track them. You can even search bills and roll calls (how individual lawmakers voted on specific bills).

Contacting Your Legislator

A call or email can help hold legislators accountable and push them to consider the opinions of their constituents, especially in a small and tightly-knit state like Maine.

We recommend that volunteers call their representatives, since calls are far more effective and harder to ignore. See below for some basic tips on calling your legislator:

  • Introduce yourself, say where you’re from, make it clear that you are a constituent.
  • Stick to the point and keep it brief, but provide a few details.
    • Be ready to voice your opinions on the relevant issue.
    • If addressing a specific bill, reference the bill name and number.

The Maine Women’s Lobby has more good advice on effective lobbying and contacting your legislator here.

Find your Legislator

The following pages provide the contact information of Maine state representatives and include tools to help you find your legislator:

Maine Senate

Maine House of Representatives

Maine Governor

Additional Voter/Citizen Info

Here are a few additional resources for potential and active volunteer advocates to be aware of:

This page provides information on voter rights, eligibility, and how to register to vote in the state of Maine.

MCCE's partner, the League of Women Voters of Maine, produces a voter information guide ahead of each election.

Share Your Story

Money in politics affects each of us in different ways. Whether you are a small business owner who can't afford to compete with corporate lobbyists, a farmer concerned about climate change, or a parent who wants to take dangerous chemicals out of toys, you need your voice to be heard in Augusta and Washington. Share your story, and your reason for supporting Clean Elections! Write a letter to your local paper, or share on social media with the hashtag #CleanElectionSupporter. Make your voice heard.