MCCE Donors from Last Year

$ 5,000+

Bill Creighton
Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon
Sean Eldridge and Chris Hughes
Election Reformers Network
Jonathan Fulford
Nancy Greenleaf
Hewlett Foundation
Ann Luther and Alan Vlach
Maine Initiatives
Proteus/Piper Fund Education Fund
Alison Smith
The WhyNot Initiative

$ 4,999 to $ 1,000

Becky Bartovics
Elliotsville Plantations Inc
Jamie and Beth Kilbreth
Mason and Margaret Morfit
Daniel Simon
Jill Ward

$ 999 to $ 500

Dan and Joan Amory
Bayside Bowl
Reade Brower
Joey Brunelle
Jeff Clements and Nancy Heselton
El and Bill Dohmen
Gary and Glenon Friedmann
Denny and Lu Gallaudet
Daniel Hildreth
Deborah Keefe and John Sedgewick
Richard Kessler and Pamela Cox
Daniel Kleban
Bob Lodato
Jolene and Richard Lovejoy
Peter Millard and Emily Wesson
Roger and Margot Milliken
Nash Foundation
Ellen Sudow and Joe Higdon

$ 499 to $ 100

Andy Bossie and Gary Wagner
Margaret Brautigam
Steven Brautigam
Sue Cabot
Lindsey and Andrew Cadot
Polly Chatfield
Joanne D'Arcangelo
Peter Enggass
Jeff Fetterer and Sarah Standiford
Carolyn and Walter Foster
Judy Gass
Margie Gross and Phil Bailey
Peter Hagerty and Martha Tracy
Jean Hoffman
Barnie and Nancy Hoop
Anna Kellar and Meagan Lauer
Angus King and Mary Herman
Claudia King
Ron Kreisman and Roberta DeAraujo
Richard Leavitt and Anne Gass
Chip Newell and Susan Morris
Harris Parnell and Meredith Small
Gerri Pattison
Anne Perry
John and Charlotte Phillips
Patty Ryan and David Westphal
Patty Stowell and Peter Ver Lee
Bob and Kari Suva
Katie Syrett
Marc Weiss and Nancy Meyer
David West
William Williams
Agy Wilson
Joe and Carol Wishcamper

$ 99 to $ 1

Anonymous Donations (3)
Marian and Parker Albee
Enoch Albert and Sharon Knopp
William Alcorn
Douglas Allen and Ilze Petersons
Amazon Smile
George and Laura Appell
David Axelman and Ann Dorney
Rona Backstrom
Peg and Jeff Balano
Mary and Allen Bancroft
Anne and Ossie Beal
Wesley and Terrie Beamer
Stephen and Louisa Beckett
Barbara Bell
Pat Berger
Jason and Marybeth Bergquist
Arnold and Riva Berleant
Mac Bigelow
Art and Debi Blank
Antonio Blasi and Renata Moise
Richard and Sally Boardman
Barry and Joan Boothe
Joanne Booth
Mary Born
Donald Bouchard and Jane Andrews
Kathryn Bourgoin and David Labrecque
Doug Bowen and Dianne Sinclair
Peter Bowman
Katey Branch
Anne and Dick Brautigam
Al Brewer
Chris Buschmann
Bruce and Jo Cameron
Carey and Catherine Cameron
Barbara and Mark Campbell
Brownie and Dana Carson
Bob and Julie Carter
Stephen Champagne
Kate and Thomas Chappell
Page Clason
Pancho Cole
Maxine Collins
John Cotton
Monique Crochet
Jim and Katherine Cuthberston
Anne Dalton and David Smith
John Dargis and Jean Rappaport
Joseph de Rivera
Christine DeTroy
Elaine DiGiovanni
Mary Drury
Elizabeth Ehrenfeld
Patrick and Cecile Eisenhart
Richard and Rachel Evans
Lisa Feldman
Gloria Fleming
Beth Franklin and Michael Rayder
Matthew Freytag and Kathryn Wistar
Robin Gabe and Mary Jane Welch
Jean and Peter Garrett
Paul and Claudia Gilbert
Priscilla Gilman
Constance Graham
Marji Greenhut
Linda and Robert Green
Rebecca Hamblin
William Hardie
Carl Harrington
Thomas and Mary Ann Harty
Mary and Rodney Hatch
Carolyn and Joseph Heasly
Charles and Suzanne Hedrick
Elizabeth Henry
Bruce and Ruth Hertz
Michael Herz and Kate Josephs Herz
Toby and Lucky Hollander
Deryl Holt
Ann and Roger Hooke
Phil Hoose
Fred and Hadley Horch
Travis Horr
Robert Howe and Kathy Coleman
Charles Jacobi
Charles Jacobs and Rebecca Stanley
Constance and Sam Jenkins
Laura Juraska
Susan and Ted Kanellakis
Lyndon Keck
Bob and Suzanne Kelly
Kerck Kelsey
Lew and Maggie Krainin
Clifford Krolick and Lyn Sudlow
Judy Labrasca and Jeff Kellar
Michael Labriola
Eric and Susan Lahti
Barbara Lawson
Joan Leitzer and Ken Spirer
Bill and Donna Locke
Barbara and Benjamin Lounsbury
Patti Luchetti
Jon Lund
Joseph Mailey
Jackie McCallum
Christopher Mills
Earl and Joanne Morse
Marta Morse
Lynda Mullen and Susan Garfield
Peter and Debby Murray
Wayne and Joann Myers
Sue and Paul Newlin
Laura Newman and Jeff Norris
Ben and Anne Niles
Jeff and Betty Nims
Flower Noble and Eric Jackomino
Libby Norton
Benjamin and Jeanne Odom
Sharon Oehmig
Mary Orear
Art Paine and Carey Donovan
Susan Payne
William Peirce and Susan Calaman
Cai Pen
David and Bonnie Percival
Anne Perkins
Bonnie Preston
John and Carla Rensenbrink
Todd Rogow
Mike Roland and Martha Mixon
Rachel Rosenbaum
Carlton and Lorna Russell
Carol Ryan Ertz and David Ertz
Denise and Samuel Schwartz
Halsey Snow
Sue Stableford
Ernie and Judith Stallworth
Robert Stein
Marc Stoelzle
Beth Streeter and Larry Sime
John and Elizabeth Sullivan
The Little Family Trust
Liz Trice and David Levi
Sally Trice
United Way of Kennebec Valley
Barbara Wais
Hilary Wallis
Edward and Candace Walworth
Linda Washburn
Pol Wheelock
Karla Wight
Susan and Bill Williamson
William Witherell
Bill Wood and Stephen Malone
Anne Woodbury
Dick and Debbie Woodbury
Robert Wood and Emme-King Peterson
Karen Young and Paul Robie
Peter and Margaret Zack
Doug and Dianne Zyskowski