MCCE Donors from Last Year

$ 5,000+

Civitas Associates, Inc.
Heather Corey and Robert Breed
Matt and Cindy Cutts
Judy Kahrl
Motorola Solutions Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Proteus/Piper Fund
Alison Smith
The WhyNot Initiative

$ 4,999 to $ 1,000

Dan Crewe
Michael Herz and Kate Josephs Herz
Jamie and Beth Kilbreth
Jonathan Lee
Ann Luther and Alan Vlach
Maine Initiatives
Ken and Bev Paigen
Sydney Rockefeller
Jill Ward and Ched Zaccaria

$ 999 to $ 500

Arizona Advocacy Foundation
Eric Baxter and Lonnie Leeman
Gary and Glenon Friedmann
Deborah Keefe and John Sedgewick
Third Way

$ 499 to $ 100

Cush and Karen Anthony
Andy Bossie and Gary Wagner
Mark Doody
Mary Drury
Will Everitt
Jeff Fetterer and Sarah Standiford
Judy Gass
Benjamin and Sandra Lovell
Mason and Margaret Morfit
Larry and Cinthia Ottinger
Harris Parnell and Meredith Small
Gerri Pattison
Jeffrey and Susie Saffer
Gina Tangney
Diane and Ian Walker
Betty Willhoite
William Williams

$ 99 to $ 1

Jonathan Allen
Amazon Smile
Karin Anderson
Joanne Angier
George and Laura Appell
David Backer
Charlotte and Maxwell Barus
Anne and Ossie Beal
Pat Berger
John and Artis Bernard
Mac Bigelow
Art and Debi Blank
Richard and Sally Boardman
Joanne and George Booth
John Branson
Daniel and Patricia Chase
Bruce and Sherry Cobb
Miriam Congdon
Peter Cook
Gerry Coombs
Joanne D'Arcangelo
Margaret Davis
Democracy Engine
Reva Eiferman
Lisa Feldman
Mary and George Forristall
Carolyn and Walter Foster
Martin Fox and Thyle Shartar
Julie and Daniel Freund
Matthew Freytag and Kathryn Wistar
Landis Gabel
David Garrity and Ed Hobler
Jill and Sheldon Goldthwait
Geoff Gratwick and Lucy Quimby
Cathy and Greg Grigsby
Charles and Suzanne Hedrick
John Hennessy and Peter Callnan
Elizabeth and Elizabeth Henry
Dan Hildreth
Wayne Hobson
Deryl Holt
Ann and Roger Hooke
Travis Horr
Elizabeth Howe and Leonard Passano
Mikki Jones-Little and David Little
James and Priscilla Keene
Wynne and Michael Keller
Ted Koffman and Joanna Allen
Lew and Maggie Krainin
Phillip Kupelian
Nancy Linkin
Bill and Donna Locke
Ruth and Michael Lockwood
Kathleen and Thomas Martin
BJ McCollister
Sarah Meacham
Julie Meltzer and Jonathan Bender
Karl Miller
Christopher Mills
Theodore Mitchell I
Earl and Joanne Morse
Larry Mounce
Peter and Debby Murray
Wayne and Joann Myers
Margaret Nelson
Jeffrey and Marsha Newick
Brenda and Harty Norris
Benjamin and Jeanne Odom
Stanley Payson
Timothy and Julia Peters
John and Charlotte Phillips
Donald Pilon
Scott Powers and Carol Corwin
Nolan Reichl and Julia Lipez
Carole Sargent
Ann Schonberger
Victor Skorapa
Sassy Smallman
Lora Somlyo
Patricia and William Spock
Terrie St Clair
Lucy and Carl Stinson
Joel and Elaine Swimm
Arthur Traficonte
Yoshi Tsurumi
Karen Vitelli
Barbara Wais
Polly Ward
Holly Weidner and Stephen Assante
Pol Wheelock
Dick and Debbie Woodbury