MCCE Donors from Last Year

$ 5,000+

Heather Corey and Robert Breed
League of Women Voters of Maine Education Fund
Ann Luther and Alan Vlach
Maine People's Resource Center
Open Society Foundations
Proteus/Piper Fund
Alison Smith
The Chamberlain Project Foundation
The WhyNot Initiative

$ 4,999 to $ 1,000

Jeff Clements and Nancy Heselton
Susan Covino Buell and John Buell
Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon
Gary and Glenon Friedmann
Jamie and Beth Kilbreth
Maine Initiatives
Mason and Margaret Morfit
Motorola Solutions Foundation
Ken and Bev Paigen
Sydney Rockefeller
Jill Ward and Ched Zaccaria

$ 999 to $ 500

Justin and Rachael Alfond
Charlotte and Maxwell Barus
Andy Bossie and Gary Wagner
John Brautigam and Corey Hascall
Howe, Cahill & Company
Jonathan Lee
Sarah Rheault
Betsy Saltonstall and Dale Temple

$ 499 to $ 100

George and Laura Appell
Art and Debi Blank
Edward and Joan Bromage
Lindsey and Andrew Cadot
California Forward
Jock Crothers and Lisa Heyward
Joanne D'Arcangelo
Claire Doheny and Jay Bartner
Mary Drury
Jon Edwards and Nancy Fox
Jeff Fetterer and Sarah Standiford
Martin Fox and Thyle Shartar
Judy Gass
Andy and Susan Griffiths
Peter Hagerty and Martha Tracy
Charles Jacobs and Rebecca Stanley
Jolene and Richard Lovejoy
Susan Metters and Mark Segar
Christopher Mills
Marta Morse
Harris Parnell and Meredith Small
Gerri Pattison
Patty Ryan and David Westphal
Jeffrey and Susie Saffer
John and Elizabeth Sullivan
Katie Syrett
Lindsey Tweed
Rob Walker
Marc Weiss and Nancy Meyer
William Williams
Joe and Carol Wishcamper

$ 99 to $ 1

Douglas Allen and Ilze Petersons
Amazon Smile
Cush and Karen Anthony
Meredith Ares
James Ashton
David Axelman and Ann Dorney
Rona Backstrom
Madge Baker
Eric Baxter and Lonnie Leeman
Carole Beal
Wesley and Terrie Beamer
Pat Berger
Jason and Marybeth Bergquist
Mac Bigelow
Antonio Blasi and Renata Moise
Constance Bloomfield and Bill McFarlane
Richard and Sally Boardman
Charles and Judy Boothby
Donald Bouchard and Jane Andrews
Barbara and Roger Bowen
Tom Bradley
Jane and Frank Bragg
Bruce and Junelle Brandt
Christopher and Carolyn Branson
Beth and Stephen Brooke
David Brown and Jane Covey
Richard Bullock and Carol Woolman
Rachel Burger
Barbara and Mark Campbell
Janice Cardoza and Patricia Shearman
Bill Carhart and Emery Goff
John and Ann Carman
Brownie and Dana Carson
Bob and Julie Carter
Chris Cayer
Daniel and Patricia Chase
Mary and Dick Chase
Polly Chatfield
Jan Church
Jim and Dorothy Clunan
Pancho Cole
Jean Crawford
Kathy Cuthbertson
Mary D'Alessandro and Joanne Harris
Kathy Damon
Larry Dansinger
Linda Darling
Margaret Davis
Joseph de Rivera
Mark Doody
Patrick and Cecile Eisenhart
Lisa Feldman
Lesley Fernow and David Frasz
Gloria Fleming
James Flint
Olenka Folda
Terry and Madeline Garmey
Mary Geer
Paul and Claudia Gilbert
Constance Graham
Julina Gylfe
Mary Ann Hale
Thomas Harty and Harty Mary Ann
Mary and Rodney Hatch
Charles and Suzanne Hedrick
Elizabeth Heminway
Wayne Hobson
Barnie and Nancy Hoop
Fred and Hadley Horch
Travis Horr
Julie and Bill Howison
Cynthia Howland
Kristin Hutchins
Cathy Johnson and Jonathan Luoma
Stanley and Ruth Johnson
Andrew and Nancy Kandutsch
Susan Kanellakis
James and Priscilla Keene
Randy and Betsy Kehler
Timothy Keiter
Robert Keith
Wynne and Michael Keller
Bud and Wendy Kellett
Kerck Kelsey
George and Elizabeth Kidder
Angus King and Mary Herman
Ted Koffman and Joanna Allen
Bob Kohl
Clifford Krolick and Lyn Sudlow
Rosalind Lewis
Bill and Donna Locke
Bob Lodato
Barbara and Benjamin Lounsbury
Arlene Lowell
Susan Lubner
Jon Lund
Andrea and John McCall
BJ McCollister
Lisa and Roy Miller
Janet Mills
Lawrence Mohr and Carla Marcus
Abi Morrison
Earl and Joanne Morse
Larry Mounce
Ben and Anne Niles
Jean Noon
Frank O'Hara and Jane O'Rourke
Benjamin and Jeanne Odom
Jon Olsen
Stanley Payson
Michael Percy and Susan Snider
Joan Phipps
Jean Ann Pollard and Peter Garrett
Sandi Read and Ron Beard
John and Carla Rensenbrink
Pamela Richards and Thomas Connolly
Elliot Robinson
Rachel Rosenbaum
Carlton and Lorna Russell
Mike Ryan and Linda McGill
Ann Schonberger
Martha Sholes
bill and Ursula Slavick
Eugenie Sotiropoulos
Ken and Susanne Spalding
John Sterling
Catherine Stevens
Charles and Bernice Stevens
Patty Stowell and Peter VerLee
Joan Sturmthal
Maryellen Stypinski
Arthur Traficonte
Sally Trice
Colleen Tucker
Kevin Twine
David and June Vail
Jeffrey Van Peski
Barbara and Peter Vickery
Barbara Wais
Carol and Tom Ward
Polly Ward
Holly Weidner and Stephen Assante
Pol Wheelock
Karla Wight
Linda Wilcox
Robert Wood and Emme-King Peterson
Brenda Wright
Peter and Margaret Zack
Stanley Zeigler