MCCE Donors from Last Year

$ 5,000+

Anonymous Donations (1)
Broad Reach Fund
Bill Creighton
Susan Crimmins
Benjamin Gaines and Ashleigh Burskey
Nancy Greenleaf
Hopewell Fund
Adam and Diana Lee
Robert Lodato
Maine Initiatives
Maine Voices Network
Proteus/Piper Fund
Public Citizen
Sewall Foundation
Alison Smith
The Prentice Foundation

$ 4,999 to $ 1,000

Gary and Glenon Friedmann
James and Elizabeth Kilbreth

$ 999 to $ 500

Jon Edwards and Nancy Fox
Peter Millard and Emily Wesson

$ 499 to $ 100

Andrew Bossie and Gary Wagner
Steven and Christine Brautigam
Lindsey and Andrew Cadot
Katharine Chaiklin
Jeffrey Fetterer and Sarah Standiford
Denison and Mary Gallaudet
Jean and Peter Garrett
Judith Gass
Susana Hancock
Deborah Keefe and John Sedgewick
Ronald Kreisman and Roberta Dearaujo
John and Maude March
Patricia Ryan
John and Elizabeth Sullivan
Robert and Kari Suva
Linda Washburn
Holly Weidner and Stephen Assante
William Williams
Robert Yamartino and Maxine Sclar
Karen Young and Paul Robie

$ 99 to $ 1

Amy Adamson and Jenny Davis
Enoch Albert and Sharon Knopp
Amazon Smile
Rona Backstrom
Ronald and Sara Bancroft
Leo Barrington
Christiaan and Dorothea Beeuwkes
Karen Benoit
Mary Born
John Buschmann
Carey and Catherine Cameron
Barbara and Mark Campbell
Everett and Dana Carson
Kris Clark and Cynthia MacKay
Page Clason
Maxine Collins
Mary D'Alessandro and Joanne Harris
Joanne D'Arcangelo
Lawrence Dansinger
John Dargis and Jean Rappaport
Marjorie Desanctis
Richard and Barbara Diamond
Joan Dinsmore
David Dowley
Patrick and Cecile Eisenhart
Shepard Erhart
Lisa Feldman
Lesley Fernow and David Frasz
Carolyn and Walter Foster
Julie and Daniel Freund
Matthew Freytag and Kathryn Wistar
Frank Geagan
Kathleen Glenn Lewin
Carl Harrington
Thomas and Mary Ann Harty
Mary and Rodney Hatch
Carolyn and Joseph Heasly
Charles and Suzanne Hedrick
Katherine and Eric Henry
Ann and Roger Hooke
Connie and Samuel Jenkins
Laura Juraska
Andrew and Nancy Kandutsch
Susan and Theodore Kanellakis
Randy and Betsy Kehler
George and Elizabeth Kidder
Judy and Walter Kimball
Lewis and Margaret Krainin
Bertrand and Sylvia Lambert
Henry Lanford
Joan Leitzer and Kenneth Spirer
William and Donna Locke
Jon Lund
David MacDonald and Caroline Pryor
James Mason
James Matlack
Edward and Joan McAbee
Elizabeth and Roy Miller
Earl and Joanne Morse
Marta Morse
Elizabeth Muench
Nadya Mullen
Laura Newman and Jeffrey Norris
Benjamin and Anne Niles
Arthur Paine and Carey Donovan
Christine Palmer
Will Peirce and Susan Calaman
Reba Phipps
Kent and Anne Price
James and Jane Pringle
Alexander Ray
Susanne Raynor
John and Carla Rensenbrink
Robert Richie
Carol Ryan Ertz and David Ertz
Colin Sarsfield and Ann Bryant
Paula and Gary Singer
Kenneth and Susanne Spalding
Susan Stedman
Francis and Pamela Stevenson
Elizabeth Streeter and Larry Sime
Catherine Syrett
Sally Trice
Sally Tukey
Barbara Wais
Edward Walworth
Katharine Winthrop and Roberta de Araiyo
Robert Wood and Emme Peterson
Conrad and Betty Wurtz
William Yerxa
Peter and Margaret Zack