MCCE Donors from Last Year

$ 5,000+

William Creighton
Susan Crimmins
Nancy Greenleaf
Hewlett Foundation
Hopewell Fund
Ann Luther and Alan Vlach
Maine Initiatives
Maine Voices Network
Proteus/Piper Fund
Alison Smith

$ 4,999 to $ 1,000

Daniel Hildreth
James and Elizabeth Kilbreth

$ 999 to $ 500

Peter Enggass
Joel Frantzman
Gary and Glenon Friedmann
Richard Kessler and Pamela Cox
John and Charlotte Phillips
Fred and Judith Stallworth
Ellen Sudow and Joseph Higdon

$ 499 to $ 100

Mary Born
Andrew Bossie and Gary Wagner
Steven Brautigam
Margaret DeRivera
Jeffrey Fetterer and Sarah Standiford
Judith Gass
Susana Hancock
John Hero and Jane Whitney
Betsey Holtzmann
Robert Lodato
Jolene and Richard Lovejoy
Peter Millard and Emily Wesson
Melissa and Richard Murphy
Peter and Deborah Murray
Dale and Anne Rand
Patricia Ryan and David Westphal
John and Elizabeth Sullivan
Catherine Syrett
Marc Weiss and Nancy Meyer
William Williams
Lyndel and Carol Wishcamper

$ 99 to $ 1

Anonymous Donations (1)
Marian and Parker Albee
Amazon Smile
Alice Arlen
David Axelman and Ann Dorney
Ronald and Sara Bancroft
Anne and Ossie Beal
Pat Berger
Thomas Bjorkman and Roxanne Donahey
Arthur and Deborah Blank
Mary Blood
Joanne Booth
Kathryn Bourgoin and David Labrecque
Edward and Joan Bromage
Lloyd Brown and Jane Covey
Barbara and Mark Campbell
Celeste and Mal Carey
John and Ann Carman
Robert and Julie Carter
Stephen Champagne
Maxine Collins
James and Katherine Cuthbertson
Hannah Cyrus
Joanne D'Arcangelo
Kathleen Damon
Lawrence Dansinger
John Dargis and Jean Rappaport
Rick and Corliss Davis
Constance Dayton
Elizabeth Dean
Christine Detroy
Elaine DiGiovanni
Marylee and Charles Dodge
Mimi Dunn and Ronald Shapiro
Thomas Eichler and Wendy Ross
Peter and Cynthia Elias
Lisa Feldman
Peter Felsenthal and Jennifer Litchfield
Lesley Fernow and David Frasz
Carolyn and Walter Foster
Martin Fox and Mathyle Shartar
Michael and Julie Fralich
Diane Gilman and Arthur Davis
Edward and Jacqueline Grohoski
Gabriella Haroutunian
Carl Harrington
Thomas and Mary Ann Harty
Charles and Suzanne Hedrick
Elizabeth Henry
Katie Huntington
Kristin Hutchins
Charles Jacobs and Rebecca Stanley
Nancy Jacobson
Connie and Samuel Jenkins
Laura Juraska
Wynne and Michael Keller
Monika Kirtland
Michael Labriola
Gail and Richard Leiser
Geraldine Levis
Dana Little
William and Donna Locke
Barbara and Benjamin Lounsbury
Patti Marxsen
Alice McMachen
Earl and Joanne Morse
Lawrence and Wilma Mounce
Benjamin and Anne Niles
Nick Nyhart
Jon Olsen
Harris Parnell and Grace Small
Jane Phillips and Andrew Stevenson
Bonita Preston
James and Jane Pringle
Philip and Maria Ptacin
Alexander Ray
Carlton and Lorna Russell
Sam Saltonstall
Kevin and Lorry Sheasgreen
William and Ursula Slavick
Patricia and William Spock
Nancy Steves
Elizabeth Streeter and Larry Sime
Richard and Louise Sullivan
Betty Tacy
The Little Family Trust
Arthur Traficonte
United Way of Kennebec Valley
Jeffrey Van Peski
Mara Werner
Kira Wigoda and Daniel Sobel
Lonny Winrich
Anne Woodbury
Peter and Margaret Zack