Check It Off - Line 1 of your Maine Income Tax Form for Clean Elections!

Check out this video from 1998!

Here's Why:

Maine citizens created the first-in-the-nation Clean Election public financing system to reduce the influence of money in Maine elections and allow qualified people from all walks of life to run for elected office. To pay for it, Mainers use a system that relies on many small contributions - one that allows all Mainers to contribute.

Check-off Facts:

  • The Clean Election check-off is on Line 1 of the Maine Income Tax form.
  • Checking it off does not add to your tax bill or reduce your refund.
  • Checking it off directs three dollars into the Maine Clean Election Fund, which finances the campaigns of state candidates who limit their spending and forego private campaign fundraising.
  • Maine taxpayers have collectively provided millions of dollars to the Fund since the check-off was implemented in 1998.
  • The money from the check-off earns interest until it is needed for the next election cycle.
  • When tens of thousands of Maine people Check It Off, it sends a strong message of support for the Clean Election system.

Clean Election Facts:

  • The Clean Election system has been in place since 2000.
  • In 2008, eighty percent of legislative candidates use Clean Elections.
  • In the 125th Legislature, 73% of Republicans, 87% of Democrats, and 100% of independents used Clean Elections
  • In the 2010 election cycle alone, Maine voters voluntarily made 40,000 Qualifying Contributions of $5 to help candidates they support qualify for Clean Election funding.
  • National polls show that across the country, people want what we have here in Maine. By more than three-to-one (67% to 20%), voters support a citizen-funded system like Clean Elections.

Download PDF of Check It Off Fact Sheet