Legal Challenges


MCCE has defended the Maine Clean Election Act in the courts since its passage.

On the federal level, the Supreme Court has acted to overturn decades of precedent in its ruling on the Citizens United case, and, in 2011, struck down the matching funds provision in Arizona's Clean Elections law (see MCCE's amicus brief in Arizona Free Enterprise Club vs Bennett). The result of this case led MCCE to the 2015 ballot initiative to restore Clean Elections.

On the state level, MCCE defended against two lawsuits filed by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) that threatened to undermine the very foundation of the Maine Clean Election Act.

In 2018, MCCE sued Governor LePage over his refusal to allow Clean Elections funding to be dispersed to candidates for Legislature and Governor. See more information here.


In the winter of 2017,  the Maine Senate invoked the “solemn occasion” provision of the Maine constitution, which asked for a court review of the Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) law. The League of Women Voters of Maine and MCCE filed a brief and a response brief with the Maine Supreme Judicial Court arguing that no solemn occasion exists and affirming the opinions of constitutional scholars and experts that RCV is fully constitutional. Read more here.

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