A Conversation: Health Care and Democracy

March 2021

Perhaps no single topic has proven more difficult to address at the state and national level than health care. Few issues have such a direct impact on millions of families and individuals. And at 18% of our national GDP, no other issue presents comparable financial stakes. As a result, health care industry forces have an abiding presence in government at all levels, and participate in campaign funding for races in Maine and across the country.

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Corporate Contribution Ban Info Session

February 2021

Looking to get involved in limiting the influence of money in Maine politics? Check out this info session about our Corporate Contribution Ban, a bill to prohibit corporations from donating to campaigns, leadership PACs, and caucus PACs in Maine. We discuss what the bill aims to achieve, what is included in the bill, and what steps you can take to help advocate for it to pass this legislative session.

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Money in Politics and Tax Policy 

December 2020

Maine Citizens for Clean Elections and the Maine Center for Economic Policy teamed up to present a webinar on how money in politics shapes our tax policies.

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Money in Politics and the Environment

September 2020

How does big money in politics affect environmental policy? In this webinar discussion, advocates from several climate & environmental groups will join MCCE for a conversation around how money in politics affects their work on environmental and climate issues in Maine.

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How Money in Politics Affect You 

May 27, 2020

Offering an introduction to online research tools available to the public, we discussed how corporate interests shape our lives. We also touched on candidates, political committees, issue committees, party committees, lobbyists -- the whole gambit. 

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Corporate Contributions 

May 20, 2020

2020 was a huge election year, and that meant corporations were giving money to candidates and PACs. We know that spending during the election cycle surpassed $14 billion, which is twice the amount spent in the 2016 election. In this webinar, we broke down our report on corporate contributions, keeping an eye on how corporate interests continue to shape Maine politics. 

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