MCCE is a nonpartisan organization that works in the public interest to advocate for, increase public support for, defend and improve the Maine Clean Election Act and related campaign finance law.

News Release: Campaign Finance Advocates Call for Override of Gubernatorial Veto

April 11 - MCCE calls for an override of Governor Paul LePage’s veto of a bill that closes a loophole in Maine’s campaign finance system.

  1. LePage vetoes solar energy bill, two others, The Bangor Daily News, 4/11/2014

News Release: U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Federal Campaign Finance Law

April 2 - In a ruling released today, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the overall contribution limit to federal candidates, political parties, and political action committees (PACs). The McCutcheon v. FEC ruling increases the role wealthy individuals play in financing federal elections.

  1. Clean Elections on the line, The Portland Phoenix, 4/16/2014
  2. More wealth should not mean more political power, LTE, The Portland Press Herald, 4/14/2014
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  5. How the Latest Supreme Court Decision Affects Money in Maine Politics, The Free Press, 4/10/2014
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MCCE and Clean Elections In The News

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News Release: Maine Citizens Mark 4th Anniversary of Citizens United Ruling

January 21 - MCCE marks 4th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's controversial Citizens United ruling at Augusta event and predicts $26.6 million in private money will fuel Maine's state elections in 2014.

  1. Campaign watchdogs: Private groups will spend 80 percent more on Maine elections in 2014, The Bangor Daily News, 1/21/2014
  2. Maine Could Be Headed For Priciest Election In History, WABI-5, 1/21/2014
  3. How Citizens United changed politics, in 6 charts, The Washington Post, 1/21/2014
  4. Maine election shaping up to be expensive, WCSH-6, 1/21/2014
  5. Maine group predicts $26.6 million in private money for state races, The Portland Press Herald, 1/21/2014

News Release: Report Details Campaign Contributions From Recipients Of Tax Breaks

December 19 - A report released today by Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE) reveals that the top 25 beneficiaries of the BETR/BETE tax program have given over $2.3 million in campaign contributions since 2000, while receiving over $138 million in tax breaks since 2009. “Focus on BETR/BETE: Does Campaign Cash Help Explain the Survival of a 'Risky' Tax Refund Program?” is the 12th in a series of reports published by MCCE’s Money in Politics Project. Read the report.

  1. Ethan Strimling talks with the Program Director for Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, BJ McCollister about taking big money out of politics, NewsRADIO 560 WGAN, 12/21/2013
  2. Maine campaign finance watchdog ties political giving to tax break program , The Portland Press Herald, 12/19/2013

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