Volunteer with MCCE

Does the overwhelming amount of corporate money spending in our politics get you fired up? Do you want to help advocate for campaign finance laws, elections, and a government that serves the public interest? We support measures that increase fairness, inclusion, and opportunity in our politics and promote robust participation by Maine people in their government. Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE) is a community made up of volunteers who fight to make sure our government works for the people, not just moneyed interests.

There are several roles you can serve as a volunteer. Reach out to us to learn how you can get involved based on your interests! Just email at info@mainecleanelections.org.

You can also support our activities by joining our Rapid Response Team, which takes action on pressing issues facing the people of Maine. MCCE makes taking action easy, providing you with the information you need to write letters to the editor and contact your lawmakers.

The Rapid Response Team tackles a wide range of issues, including lobbying for continued support of the Clean Elections Fund; campaign finance reform; ranked choice voting adoption and expansion.

Stay Informed

People have lives outside of politics, and it is sometimes hard to remain up-to-date and educated on all the issues. A few good news sources are the Bangor Daily News and Mainepublic.org. You can always email MCCE or browse our website to learn more about specific topics of interest, too.

MCCE's Testimony Archive will give you some helpful information on our organization's stance related to proposals related to the Maine Clean Elections Act and other campaign finance law.