MCCE Action Donors from Last Year

$ 5,000+

Bill Creighton
Mason and Margaret Morfit
Proteus/Piper Fund
Daniel Simon
The Chamberlain Project Foundation
Voqal USA

$ 4,999 to $ 1,000

Becky Bartovics
Cy and Patty Hagge
Joe Hanslip
Arthur Lieber and Gloria Bilchik
Will Robinson and Lynn Reed
Alison Smith
Donna Stinson

$ 999 to $ 500

Justin and Rachael Alfond
Margaret De Rivera
Steve and Wendy Gaal
Landis Gabel
Rob Gips and Karen Harris
Claudia King
Becki and Jim Kupel
Bonnie Rukin

$ 499 to $ 100

Susan Anderson
Brendon Bass
Barry and Joan Boothe
Andy Bossie and Gary Wagner
John Brautigam and Corey Hascall
Al Brewer
Sue Cabot
Eileen Carbonneau
Tomlin Coggeshall and Christopher Rice
miriam congdon
sophie cowan
Kyle Duckworth
Elizabeth Ehrenfeld
Reva Eiferman
Peter Enggass
Shepard Erhart
John Gleason and Katrina Van Dusen
Tom Hagan and Patricia Seybold
Elizabeth Heminway
Jean Hoffman
Charles Jacobs and Rebecca Stanley
Eric Johnson and Liz Park
Anna Kellar and Meagan Lauer
Valerie and Patrick Kelly
Ron Kreisman and Roberta DeAraujo
Derek Lane and Danielle Chrissman
Greg Leach and Mary O'Hare
Gail and Rick Leiser
Wells and Alex Lyons
David MacDonald and Caroline Pryor
John and Joyce McDevitt
Peter Millard and Emily Wesson
Elizabeth Muench
Chip Newell and Susan Morris
Wendy Pieh and Peter Goth
Sarah Rheault
Frank and Susan Ruch
Malory and Michael Shaughnessy
Sarah Shed and Joel Davis
Holmes and Doris Stockly
Louise Tate
Elyse Tipton
Sharri Venno
Diane and Ian Walker
Jill Ward and Ched Zaccaria
Edward and Margaret Youngblood

$ 99 to $ 1

Anonymous Donations (1)
William Alcorn
Helen Anderson
Karin Anderson
Cush and Karen Anthony
Chris Antonak
Sandra Arbour
Alice Arlen
Dick Atlee and Sarah Corson
Rona Backstrom
Ron and Sally Bancroft
Leo Barrington
Phil Bartlett
Chris Beeuwkes
Arnold and Riva Berleant
Marsha Bingler
Nancy Birkhimer
Tom Bjorkman and Roxanne Donahey
David Blocher and Helen Warren
Molly Bogart
Janine Bonk and Doug Rooks
Doug Bowen and Dianne Sinclair
Merle Bragdon
Katey Branch
Bruce and Junelle Brandt
Christopher and Carolyn Branson
David Brown and Jane Covey
Carolyn Bulliner
Anne Burg
Chris Buschmann
Don Bush
Brownie and Dana Carson
Penny Carson
Bob and Julie Carter
Horatio and Valerie Castle
Kathryn Cerick
Audrey Chapman and Michael Carey
Kris Clark and Cindy MacKay
Victoria and Jonathan Cohen
Peter Cook
John Cotton
Chris Crawford
Andrea Crook
Maria Crouch and David Gullick
Rene Damen
Kathy Damon
Larry Dansinger
John Dargis and Jean Rappaport
Shirley and Ronald Davis
Marj Desanctis
Carla and S Dickstein
Bruce Donath
William Dunn
David Einhorn and Marilyn Baum
Ben and Dianna Emory
Nicole and Ed Erikson
Catarina Evanson
Richard and Rachel Evans
Richard Farnsworth
Joan Federman
Cameron Fegers
Peter Felsenthal and Jennifer Litchfield
Greg and Virginia Field
Kimberly Fischer
Gloria Fleming
Tod and Suze Foster
Michelle Fournier
Beth Franklin
Craig and Carol Freshley
Esther Friedmann
Ward Gerow
Alex Gibney
Paul and Claudia Gilbert
Rachel Girshick
Thomas and Beth Goettel
Geoff Gratwick and Lucy Quimby
Linda and Robert Green
Marion Greer
Cathy and Greg Grigsby
Margie Gross and Phil Bailey
Chris Hafford and Clara Steeves
Peter Hagerty and Martha Tracy
Emma Halas-O'Connor
Reginald and Pauline Hannaford
Joanne and George Hardy
Gay Haroutunian
Carolyn and Joseph Heasly
Richard Hero and Jane Whitney
Roy Herrmann
Elizabeth Howe and Leonard Passano
Kristin Hutchins
Deborrah Jabar
Cathy Johnson and Jonathan Luoma
Laura Juraska
Joseph and Suzy Kane
Fred Kaplan
Lyndon Keck
Deborah Keefe and John Sedgewick
Bob and Suzanne Kelly
George and Elizabeth Kidder
Mitch Kihn and Barbara Brusila
Mitchell Kilborn
Jamie and Beth Kilbreth
Judy and Walter Kimball
Anthony King
Steve King
Monika Kirtland
Naomi Kronlokken and Priscilla Skerry
Patricia and Robert Lad
Bertrand and Sylvia Lambert
Henry Lanford
Peg Lang
Ulysses Lateiner
Paul Lavin
Roger Lee and Martha Burke
Dana Little
Marty Lyons and Carol Plenty
Michael Lyons and Mary Anne Hildreth
Holly Margolis
Will McCartney
BJ McCollister
Sadie McCurry
Joan Mcintire
Josh McIntyre
Annette McKay
John McKee
Sharon Mclaughlin
Sarah Meacham
Beverly Meader
Marge and Bill Medd
joseph menard
Tom Mikulka and Melissa Beall
Avis and Fred Miller
Christopher Mills
Amanda Mitchell
David Mokler
Vance and Anne Morgan
Bob Morrill
Andrew Morton and Adam Jaskievic
Donald Murray
Laura Newman and Jeff Norris
Ben and Anne Niles
Flower Noble and Eric Jackomino
Luc Nya
Jean O'Brien
Penelope Padden
Esther Palmer-Lacognata and Barclay Palmer
Susan Payne
Stanley Payson
David and Bonnie Percival
John and Charlotte Phillips
Susan Pierce
Daniel Piltch
Gary and Ann Pinder
Hannah Pingree and Jason Mann
Dick Pollak and Diane Walsh
Clifton Power
Steve Pritz
Mary and Robert Rand
David Ray
Quinn Raymond
Kim Rice
Pamela Richards and Thomas Connolly
Edward Riggs
Geraldine and James Robinson
Peter Roehrig
Gerard Rohlf
Matthew Rudolphi
Jeffrey and Susie Saffer
David and Diane Sanderson
Bob and Cornelia Santomenna
Joan Saxe
Diane Schetky and David Wiggin
Trudi and John Schneider
William Schneider
Beth Sehlmeyer
Bonnie Shulman
Peter Silver
Michael and Carol Simon
Sassy Smallman
Sam and Kathy Smith
David Souers
Patricia and William Spock
Gary Stern and Demetrios Karabetsos
Jeffrey Stevensen and Dana Trattner
Lucy and Carl Stinson
Fred and Anne Stocking
Sam Swenson
Cri Swift
Dan and Meredith Tipton
Karen Topp and Thomas Baumgarte
Sally Trice
Anya Trundy
Claudia Tucci
Lindsey Tweed
James Varner
Lois and Richard Wagner
Jessica Walker
Edward and Candace Walworth
Polly Ward
Linda Washburn
Patricia Washburn
Kate Weatherby
Jane Weinstein
Heidi Welch and Patricia Tierney
Janet and Paul Weston
Pol Wheelock
Linda Wilcox
Jonathan Williams
Lynne Williams
Anita Wingert
Margaret Wise
Kathryn Wolfe and Michael Whitehead
Frank Wood
Robert Wood and Emme-King Peterson
Karen Young
Doug and Dianne Zyskowski