MCCE Action Donors from Last Year

$ 5,000+

Bill Creighton
Every Voice
Cy and Patty Hagge
Proteus/Piper Fund

$ 4,999 to $ 1,000

Becky Bartovics
Joe Hanslip
Donna Stinson

$ 999 to $ 500

Landis Gabel
Sertac Konuk and Greg Lulay
Sarah Rheault

$ 499 to $ 100

Phil Bailey
Andy Bossie and Gary Wagner
John Brautigam and Corey Hascall
Sue Cabot
Eileen Carbonneau
El and Bill Dohmen
Sam Frankel
Rob Gips and Karen Harris
Darwin Hatheway and Beverly Bustin-Hatheway
Elizabeth Heminway
Eric Johnson and Liz Park
Anna Kellar and Meagan Lauer
Claudia King
Ron Kreisman and Roberta DeAraujo
Derek Lane and Danielle Chrissman
Joan Leitzer and Ken Spirer
Jolene and Richard Lovejoy
Wells and Alex Lyons
Christopher Mills
Alison Smith
Katie Syrett
Sharri Venno
Voter Education Brigade PAC
Diane and Ian Walker
Jill Ward and Ched Zaccaria
Marc Weiss and Nancy Meyer

$ 99 to $ 1

Anonymous Donations (2)
Nancy Adams
William Alcorn
Gregg and Diana Alexis
Douglas Allen and Ilze Petersons
Karin Anderson
Susan Anderson
Howard Angione
Janet Anker
Sandra Arbour
David and Christina Astrachan
Dick Atlee and Sarah Corson
David Axelman and Ann Dorney
Rona Backstrom
Madge Baker
Ralph Baldwin
Ron and Sally Bancroft
Jill Barkley and Trish Burkholder
Molly Barrett
Leo Barrington
Phil Bartlett and Mark Ouellette
Brendon Bass
Stephen and Louisa Beckett
Shenna Bellows and Brandon Baldwin
Charlie Bernstein and Ellen Ryan
Ruth Bettinger
Dick Bissell and Loretta Logan
Ira Bittues and Tom Reynolds
Tom Bjorkman and Roxanne Donahey
Molly Bogart
Donald and Mary Born
Kaitlyn Bossie and Jimmy Umphrey
Donald Bouchard and Jane Andrews
Steve Bourey
Peter and Suzanne Bowman
Emily Bracale
Anne and Dick Brautigam
Al Brewer
David Brown and Jane Covey
Judy and Mike Bruenjes
Mary and Ralph Cahoon
Erin Callaway and Stephen Grammont
C and Catherine Cameron
Edward and Phyllis Campbell
Gordon Canning
Nicole Cardano
Celeste and Mal Carey
Eric Carlson
Edna Carr
George Cashen
Horatio and Valerie Castle
Christine Chapman
Polly Chatfield
Kris Clark and Cindy MacKay
Doug Clopp
Tomlin Coggeshall and Christopher Rice
Maxine Collins
Miriam Congdon
Keith and Marcia Cook
Douglas Cowan
Monique Crochet
Andrea Crook
Harlan Cutshall
Laurel Daly
Linda Darling
Shirley and Ronald Davis
Stephen Davis and Craig DeForest
Charlie and Constance Dayton
James Dayton and Kim Wilde
Margaret De Rivera
Megan Demott-Quigley
Marj Desanctis
Carla and S Dickstein
Joan Dinsmore
Claire Doheny and Jay Bartner
Bruce Donath
Kyle Duckworth
Mary Dunn and Ron Shapiro
Tom Eichler and Wendy Ross
Shepard Erhart
Nicole and Ed Erikson
Cameron Fegers
Greg and Virginia Field
Amy Fischer
Kimberly Fischer
Ann Fontaine-Fisher and Greg Fisher
Esther Friedmann
Shelley Friedmann
Jonathan Fulford
Patricia Galouch
Robert Garrecht
Shara Geiger
Paul and Claudia Gilbert
Michael and Starr Gilmartin
Judy and Roger Green
Linda and Robert Green
Marion Greer
Andy and Susan Griffiths
Chris Hafford and Clara Steeves
Chris Hafford and Clara Steeves
William Hardie
Joanne and George Hardy
Gay Haroutunian
Carl Harrington
Howard and Mandana Harrison
Thomas Harty and Harty Mary Ann
Elizabeth and Elizabeth Henry
Ruth Hertz
Michael Herz and Kate Josephs Herz
William and Maurie Hill
Arin Hilton
Jean Hoffman
Fred and Hadley Horch
Travis Horr
Elizabeth Howe and Leonard Passano
Julie and Bill Howison
Kathleen Huntington
Deborrah Jabar
Anita Jones
Nancy Jones
Andrew and Nancy Kandutsch
Eric Kawamoto
Deborah Keefe and John Sedgewick
Carol Kelly and Karen Geraghty
Valerie and Patrick Kelly
Mitch Kihn and Barbara Brusila
Mitchell Kilborn
Judy and Walter Kimball
Marilyn and Lawrence Klein
Wendy Knickerbocker
Clifford Krolick and Lyn Sudlow
Naomi Kronlokken and Priscilla Skerry
Michael Labriola
Henry Lanford
Greg Leach and Mary O'Hare
Philip Lee
Marty Lyons and Carol Plenty
Michael Lyons and Mary Anne Hildreth
Rachel Maloney-Hawkins
Annette Marcoux
Kathleen and Thomas Martin
James Matlack
Steven and Ursula McAllister
Will McCartney
BJ McCollister
Sarah and Daniel McIntyre
Annette McKay
Patricia McNabb
Mary McQuillen and Eric Altholz
Beverly Meader
Julie Meltzer and Jonathan Bender
Janice and Doug Mendel
Patty and Leo Mennitt
Jesse Merchant
Nathaniel Meyer
Tom Mikulka and Melissa Beall
Robert Moldaver and Jeanne Handy
Marta Morse
Andrew Morton and Adam Jaskievic
Elizabeth Muench
Sue and Paul Newlin
Nick Nyhart
Art Paine and Carey Donovan
Herbert Parsons
Stanley Payson
Anne Perry
William and Mary Phillips
Joseph Pietroski
Daniel Piltch
Jean Ann Pollard and Peter Garrett
Barrie Pribyl
David Ray
Quinn Raymond
Edward Reilly and Ellen Anderson
Lizzy Reinholt
John and Carla Rensenbrink
Pamela Richards and Thomas Connolly
Geraldine and James Robinson
Steven Roesch
Michael and Helen Rogers
Matthew Rudolphi
Christina Rusnov and Robert Hayes
Russells Garden Center Charitable Foundation
Patty Ryan and David Westphal
Jane Scease
Malory and Michael Shaughnessy
Joe Shea
Catherine Singleton
David and Linda Smith
Sam and Kathy Smith
Eric Souther
Lea Stabinski
Gary Stern and Demetrios Karabetsos
Jessica Stevens
Patty Stowell and Peter VerLee
Beth Streeter and Larry Sime
Melissa Sweet and Mark Holden
Gina Tangney
Bethany Terstegen
Anne and Jack Thompson
Marilyn and Dave Tilton
Elyse Tipton
Lee Townley
Sally Trice
Anya Trundy
Cody and Christiaan van Heerden
Jenna Vendil
Rob Walker
Mare Wallace
Mare Wallace
Edward and Candace Walworth
Linda Washburn
John Watson and Nancy Brain
Jane Weinstein
Janet and Paul Weston
Russell White
Linda Wilcox
Jean Wilhelm
Susanne Willard
Betty Willhoite
Susan and Bill Williamson
Anita Wingert
Lonny Winrich
Kathryn Wolfe and Michael Whitehead
Cathy Wolff
Barb Wood
Conrad and Betty Wurtz
Alex Youn
Edward and Margaret Youngblood
Peter and Margaret Zack
Doug and Dianne Zyskowski