MCCE Action Donors from Last Year

$ 5,000+

Proteus/Piper Fund
Voqal USA

$ 4,999 to $ 1,000

Arthur Lieber and Gloria Bilchik
Daniel Simon
Dari Stuhl

$ 999 to $ 500

Nancy Anderson and Dale Gowen
John Brautigam and Corey Hascall
Bill Creighton
Jon Edwards and Nancy Fox
Robert Howe and Kathy Coleman
Rebecca and Michael Lambert
Bob Lodato
Amanda Mitchell
Alison Smith

$ 499 to $ 100

Jim and Claire Andrews
Brendon Bass
David Blocher and Helen Warren
Andy Bossie and Gary Wagner
Anne and Dick Brautigam
Deborah Brautigam
Al Brewer
Ed Bryan
Maria Crouch and David Gulick
Claire Doheny and Jay Bartner
Kyle Duckworth
Mimi Dunn and Ron Shapiro
Shepard Erhart
Peter Gaczi
Charles Jacobs and Rebecca Stanley
Eric Johnson and Liz Park
Naomi Kronlokken and Priscilla Skerry
John and Joyce McDevitt
Lorenzo Mitchell
Sarah Rheault
Jeffrey and Susie Saffer
Amy Smith
Arthur and Denise Streeter
Elyse Tipton
Lindsey Tweed
Sharri Venno
Mara Werner

$ 99 to $ 1

Anonymous Donations (1)
Cheryl Abruzzese
Justin and Rachael Alfond
Al Alschuler
Helen Anderson
Chris Antonak
Dick Atlee and Sarah Corson
Nadine and Alison Bangerter
Charlotte and Maxwell Barus
Bonnie Beard
Chris and Dorothea Beeuwkes
Mac Bigelow
Jeff Bishop
Tom Bjorkman and Roxanne Donahey
Antonio Blasi and Renata Moise
Andrea Boland
Mary Born
David Brown and Jane Covey
Steve Buchsbaum and Regina Coppens
Robert Bundy
Don Bush
Sue Cabot
Mary Callan
Terrance Campbell
Eileen Carbonneau
Celeste and Mal Carey
Carol Carpenter
Ellen Ceppetelli
Daniel and Patricia Chase
George Christie and Anna Marie Klein Christie
Elizabeth-Ellen and John Clark
Kris Clark and Cindy MacKay
Bruce Cohen
Bruce Cole
Peter Cook
Jean Crawford
mike cullinan
Hannah Cyrus
Sandra Daigneaux
Shirley and Ronald Davis
Margaret DeRivera
Marj Desanctis
Carla and S Dickstein
Carl Dimow
Joan Dinsmore
David Dowley
Charles Durfee and Jennifer Oddleifson
Pamela Emery
Jaki Erdoes
Joan Federman
Cameron Fegers
Gloria Fleming
Kaitlin Flynn
Robin Gabe and Mary Jane Welch
Jean and Peter Garrett
Ward Gerow
John Gleason and Katrina Van Dusen
Thomas and Beth Goettel
Rosemary and Paul Gordon
Nancy Greenleaf
Penelope Gruen and Thomas McClain
Penelope Hamblin and Willis Hintz
Nancy Hanger
Helen Hanlon
Joanne and George Hardy
Maggie Harling and Brant Viner
Gay Haroutunian
Carolyn and Joseph Heasly
Elizabeth Heminway
Kate and Eric Henry
Allison Hepler
Betsy and John Hewlett
Wayne Hobson
Nancy Hopkins Davisson
Patricia House
Jon Huntington
Priscilla Jenkins and John Davis
Marshall and Kathleen Kaiser
Andrew and Nancy Kandutsch
Barbara and David Kaufman
Taylor Kay
Anna Kellar and Meagan Lauer
Wynne and Michael Keller
Valerie and Patrick Kelly
George and Elizabeth Kidder
Mitch Kihn and Barbara Brusila
Mitchell Kilborn
Jean Kimball
Greg Kimber
Steve King
Katherine and Fletcher Kittredge
Ted Kleinman
Marilyn and Lawrence Klein
Clifford Krolick and Lyn Sudlow
Michael Labriola
Kevin Lamoreau
Henry Lanford
Greg Leach and Mary O'Hara
Gail and Rick Leiser
John Lesko
Patti Luchetti
Ann Luther and Alan Vlach
Marty Lyons and Carol Plenty
Monika Magee
Bill Massidda
James Matlack
Christopher McCabe
Kathleen McCurry
James and Deb Mcdonough
James Melloh
John and Karen Meyn
Nancy and Frank Miles
Gary Mitchell and Jennifer Freeman
Frances Moore Lappe
Lois Myers
Rudy Narvaez
Sue and Paul Newlin
Paul Nickerson
Steven Norris
Patricia O'Day Senior and Mark Senior
Penelope Padden
Esther Palmer Lacognata and Barclay Palmer
James Parakilas and Mary Hunter
Gerri Pattison
Scott Powers and Carol Corwin
Bonnie Preston
Stephanie Ralph and Steve Weber
Richard Rambo
Quinn Raymond
Matt Reading
Katherine Rhoda
Briana Robillard
Geraldine and James Robinson
Norma and Carl Rossel
Donald and Sue Rudalevige
Megan Rush
Patty Ryan and David Westphal
Samuel Saltonstall
Frederick and Cushing Samp
Sara and Kenneth Schoman
Nathan Shea
Traci Sheldon
Paul Sheridan and Karen Gleeson
Dave Shirley
Bonnie Shulman
Claudia Sienko
Sarah Smith
Sylvia Smith
Halsey Snow
Ervin Snyder and Wanda Webber Snyder
Lora Somlyo
David Souers
Pat and William Spock
Susie Stedman
John Sterling
Lucy and Carl Stinson
Joan Sturmthal
Laurie Sussman
Jeffery Tarbox
Betsi Taylor
Leah Taylor and Deb Fisher
Mare Wallace
Hilary Wallis
Bonnie Walstrom
Edward and Candace Walworth
Jill Ward
Polly Ward
Donald and Hilary Ware
Susan Weeks
Jane Weinstein
Linda Wilcox
Paul Wilson
Bo Yerxa
Edward and Margaret Youngblood
Gloria Zela