Corporate Contributions

Are your candidates taking money from corporations? 

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Corporate political influence can crowd out the wishes of voters and warp the legislative process. It can reduce voter confidence that their votes count and that elections matter. It can also perpetuate private sector inefficiencies by allowing an unearned competitive advantage for companies and industries that have the power to influence public policy. And it can exacerbate inequalities between the haves and the have-nots.

Tell your legislative candidates: you want a ban on corporate contributions. Sign the petition here.

Below, we have represented our data in various ways that highlight what candidates, Caucus PACs, Leadership PACs, and Party Committees receive from all sources versus commercial and corporate sources. 

This data includes what the Maine House and Maine Senate have received from all sources,
including commercial sources.


This data shows what each political party has received from all sources,
including commercial sources.



This data shows what recipients have received based on political party from commerical sources.

*Note: It is up to the political parties to self-report these numbers.


This data shows what Leadership PACs and Caucus PACs have received in total (yellow)
versus from commercial sources (gray). 


This data shows what Caucus PACs have received based on political party from commercial sources.


Overall, corporate money in state legislative races is up from 2018. While corporate contributions to candidates and state parties has dipped slightly, an increase in contributions to caucus PACs has more than made up the difference.

More than a third of money raised by legislator-controlled PACs comes from corporate sources. The majority of spending in 2020, including referendums, came from corporate sources, including some from foreign-owned companies. 

It’s not all grim: 55% of legislative candidates are running using Clean Elections, which means they cannot take contributions from corporations and PACs. 

More than 39,0000 Maine voters have given $5 Clean Elections qualifying contributions.

Federal law and 22 other states prohibit corporate contributions to candidates. Maine is lagging behind. It’s time for us to show leadership again. Tell your legislative candidates: you want a ban on corporate contributions. Sign the petition here.