Democracy Forum -- If Small States Rule, Why Are They So Angry?

Friday, March 17, 2023
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

LWV-Downeast hosts a monthly radio program on democracy in cooperation with WERU FM. 

We did our February show on small-state bias in the federal government. For March, we're asking a follow-up question: Does this small-state bias equate to overrepresentation of rural interests? Does it translate to policies that help rural areas thrive? Are communities in small or rural states actually thriving? Do people in those communities feel like they're thriving? Does "rural resentment" account for minority rule at the federal level? 

Senators from small states hold outsize sway in government to the point where they can block measures that the majority of Americans want. How are they using that power? What does it mean for Maine? Learn more about the program here.

In case you missed it live, you can listen to the archive here.

Special Guests:

  • Amy Fried, John Mitchell Nickerson Professor or Political Science, UMaine
  • Michael Podhorzer, Chairman of the Board of the Analyst Institute; Assistant to the President for Strategic Research at the AFL-CIO

This show was pre-recorded; no listener calls were taken. Comments and questions may be emailed to with Democracy Forum on the subject line.

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