Increased accountability

Lewiston Sun Journal
Letters to the Editor
Lydia Cox

About a year ago, I started spending an average of two days a week helping at an after-school program for at-risk children.

I became passionate about creating a space where these children would be treated with respect and their voices would be heard, regardless of their socio-economic status. It was discouraging to realize how seldom this happened in other parts of their lives.

Unfortunately, in society today, the value of a person’s voice is equated to their social status and it is much easier for the wealthy to have their voices heard.

America’s government was founded on the principles of being of, by and for the people. However, politicians are too often influenced by large corporations into making decisions that will benefit special interests rather than everyday people.

We don’t have to accept this state of affairs, though. The Maine Accountable Elections Referendum ensures that there will be increased accountability and transparency in Maine elections.

It will require special interest groups that are trying to influence elections to disclose their donors and strengthen Maine’s Clean Election Act so that candidates can run for office without being dependent on contributions from lobbyists.

I hope other Mainers will join me in voting for the referendum in November in order to re-establish a democracy that listens to everyone's voices.

Lydia Cox, Auburn