Help Protect Maine Elections!

Maine has an upcoming primary election on Tuesday, June 14. If you choose to vote in-person on Election Day, you may see volunteers collecting signatures on this citizens initiative: banning foreign corporate contributions. 

MCCE officially endorsed the initiative in 2021. It's important that we work to insulate our elections from foreign influence.

We warmly welcome people from other countries to visit Maine and become Mainers, and we also welcome investors from abroad to share ownership in our large corporations. But we need a strong guardrail to protect our campaign finance system from the undue influence of large financial expenditures made by multi-national corporations whose interests lie elsewhere. 

We're working together with Protect Maine Elections to gather enough signatures to make this initiative a reality in Maine. We could use your help. Volunteer with us on Election Day (June 14) — sign up for a shift that works with your schedule. You can collect signatures at the polling location in your own town or surrounding town(s). 



The Ultimate Volunteer: League of Women Voters of Maine members are also volunteering as nonpartisan observers on Election Day. These volunteers report on polling place conditions and witness the election process in action. Individuals with time on their hands could collect signatures at one polling place and be a nonpartisan observer at another. Interested in being an observer? Just make sure to fill out our interest form here