Senator Chandler Woodcock Files 2,500 Qualifying Checks with Maine Ethics Commission

Thursday, April 6, 2006

woodcock for governor

Woodcock clears way for Clean Election funding in record-setting time while becoming year's first gubernatorial candidate to request certification under the Maine Clean Elections Act

Augusta, Maine - Republican gubernatorial candidate Senator Chandler Woodcock ( Farmington ) has become the year's first gubernatorial candidate to turn in the required 2,500 $5 checks to the Maine Ethics Commission in order to qualify for funding under the Maine Clean Elections Act (MCEA).

"This ensures that the race for governor will be competitive and not hamstrung by a candidate's fundraising ability," Senator Woodcock said. "It means that a common Mainer – a retired teacher – with new ideas and grassroots support doesn't necessarily need ties to Washington or the special interest lobby to run a serious campaign for governor. This is what the Clean Elections Act was intended for. Thousands of Maine people who believe in a new future have made this happen, I am honored to have their support and the opportunity to use this tool in my campaign."

The checks, or qualifying contributions, came from approximately 200 towns in all 16 Maine counties and demonstrate continuing campaign momentum and increasing grassroots organization.

"Collecting these qualifying contributions is a huge task," Senator Woodcock said. "Our grassroots organization worked tirelessly to make this happen."

Senator Woodcock becomes only the third gubernatorial candidate to request certification for funding under the MCEA since the law took effect in 2000. No candidate for Governor has ever turned in their qualifying contributions as early as Senator Woodcock, who turned in the contributions nearly two weeks ahead of deadline.

"The Ethics Commission staff deserves a great deal of credit for its professionalism during this very intense process," Senator Woodcock said. "It continues to enhance its reputation as a top-notch, non-partisan organization dedicated to its mission of safeguarding against corruption and undue influence in the election process."

Currently serving his third term in the Maine Senate, including a term in Republican Leadership, Senator Woodcock has worked to improve Maine's business climate and reduce government spending. A Vietnam War veteran and passionate outdoorsman, Senator Woodcock has served on the Judiciary, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and the Legal and Veterans' Affairs Committees. Earlier, he was a selectman in Farmington for five years.

Senator Woodcock worked for 26 years as a public high school teacher at Livermore Falls High School , Mt. Blue High School , and Skowhegan Area High School . He also coached basketball at each school and led the Mt. Blue High School Girls' Basketball team to two State Class A championships in 1999 and 2000. He and his wife Charlotte have four children and two grandchildren.

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