Fair Elections Portland

Transparency is essential to building trust in elected officials. Voters rightfully want to know who funds the candidates asking for their vote.

In 2018, Portland voters passed Question 2, which amended the city charter to require municipal candidates to disclose their donors 42 days prior to Election Day. The initiative passed with support from 75 percent of Portland voters. Prior to this amendment, municipal candidates in Portland were only required to disclose their donors 11 days before the election.

After the success of Question 2, a group of Portland activists have come together to form the Fair Elections Portland campaign. Fair Elections Portland is working to create a public funding, "Clean Elections" option for municipal candidates in order to reduce the amount of money in local elections as well as the influence of wealthy donors and special interests. Additionally, Fair Elections Portland worked andto expand the use of Ranked-Choice Voting to city council and school board.

To learn more about this important campaign, visit the Fair Elections Portland website.


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