Transparency Portland

Yes on Portland Question 2: Make Candidates Disclose Their Donors


Transparency is essential to building trust in elected officials. Voters rightfully want to know who funds the candidates asking for their vote.


Currently, municipal candidates in Portland are required to disclose their donors 11 days before the election. However, by that time, many voters will have already cast early absentee ballots without the benefit of this information. Question 2, on the Portland ballot November 6, aims to fill this gap by requiring that candidates also disclose their funders 42 days before the election. This additional report would match what state level candidates are required to file.


Seven city council, school board, and water district candidates - half of the candidates on the November ballot - voluntarily disclosed their donors on September 25th (42 days before the election). These reports covered funds raised between July 1 and September 18, 2018. This disclosure will be required of all candidates if Question 2 is approved by Portland voters.


Portland City Council


At Large

Nick Mavodones: No Response

Joey Brunelle: 42-Day Report


District 1

Belinda Ray: 42-Day Report

Matt Coffey: No Response


District 2

Spencer Thibodeau: No Response

Jon Torsch: 42-Day Report


Portland School Board


At Large:

Sarah Thompson: 42-Day Report


District 1

Abusana "Micky" Bondo: 42-Day Report


District 2

Emily Figdor: 42-Day Report

Jeanne Swanton: No Response


Portland Water District


Kim Rich: 42-Day Report

Wayne Olsen: No Response