Here's how we're fighting big money in politics in 2023

Wednesday, December 28, 2022
Jen Lancaster

We're feeling optimistic for the new year. Portland expanded clean elections to include candidates for local office, as well as banning contributions from corporations and foreign entities. We plan to carry that energy into 2023, because we're heading into a new era for clean elections.

Here's how we're fighting big money in politics. In the next Legislative session, we have three priorities:

  1. Expanding clean elections to district attorney and sheriff races. This is HUGE and EXCITING! The Maine Clean Elections program hasn't seen a change like this in years. Expanding clean elections to include district attorney and sheriff races will level the playing field for people who want to run a campaign but can't afford the expenses that come with it. 
  2. Passing municipal disclosures. This would require anyone spending more than $5,000 in a local election to disclose that spending, like local referendum questions, to the Maine Ethics Commission. Big money shouldn't be able influence direct democracy in small towns. 
  3. True source disclosure. Why is it so important for candidates to disclose how and what campaign funds they receive? It's important for candidates to report these funds and to be transparent. True source disclosure is the next level of true transparency: it helps the voter trace back the money to the source donor and/or corporation and not just a vague PAC name. 

We'll need your help in the new year. If you like our work, consider making a donation today. MCCE is at the forefront of these efforts. Thank you for supporting the government of, by, and for the people!