Action Under the Dome For Monday, Feb. 12

Monday, February 12, 2024
Jen Lancaster

It's Monday, February 12

We're incredibly sad to report that our friend and coworker, Nadya Mullen, passed away suddenly last week. She joined our staff as the Operational Director in 2018, and with expertise and spirit, helped us grow our organization into what it is today. She wanted to make the world a better place, and through our work at the League, oversaw the internal nuts and bolts that keep an organization running. We'll miss her gifts from the garden and her joy for knitting. 
A service for Nadya will be held on Thursday, February 22nd at 2:00 PM at Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Home in Portland.

Here's a quick recap of the big "stuff" that we've been following since the Legislature picked up in January. The following bills, which we support, have not been reported out of committee. While committee votes have been taken on these bills, any amendments before the bill goes to the floor have not been finalized. Eventually they'll receive a report, get passed out of committee, and head to the next destination — the House and Senate. 

  • LD 1578 — National Popular Vote (NPV): The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact guarantees the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes. NPV recently had a work session where it received a divided vote. It should be reported out of committee soon and head to the chamber floors
  • LD 1590 — Disclosure of Campaign Funding Sources: This bill includes new reporting requirements and penalties, including the true, original sources of contributions made to Maine PACs and ballot questions committees. Mainers want to know who is spending money to influence our democracy. This bill received a majority "Ought Not to Pass" report in committee but will still advance to be considered by the whole Legislature.
  • LD 1642 — Strengthen Wabanaki Studies in Schools: This bill as originally written ensures the inclusion of Wabanaki studies in Maine curricula. It was reworked in committee and the amended version received a unanimous "Ought to Pass as Amended" report.
  • LD 1966 — County Clean Elections: This bill institutes Clean Elections for district attorneys. We know that Clean Elections public funding encourages more people to run for office and allows them to serve without being beholden to big donors or special interests – only to the voters in their own district. This bill received a bipartisan majority "Ought to Pass as Amended" vote in committee to include Clean Elections for District Attorney races.